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Dies Irae

Wanderers of darkness

Every secret is hidden in the night.


There were lots of Institutes in the country, a sanctuary for a Nephilim.

A Shadowhunter, someone who hunts demons.

For a orphaned Shadowhunter, you get sent to a Institute to be taken care of and trained to be a Shadowhunter. How this happens, if someone leaves the Clave, say, the one thing they must give up is their Shadowhunter children.

Also, if a Clave member dies, their children are also sent to institutes.

Of course, until they reach eighteen. That was how it went back in the old days, before everything happened, then things changed a bit.

Of course, there was still Institutes for Shadowhunters, and for orphaned ones for a home, but after Downworlders rebeled, the clave decided that there should be something for downworlders too.

Sorry, something is a bit little.

So besides Institutes, they made schools, for both downworlders, and also orphaned shadowhunters. Shadowhunters that weren't orphaned were trained by their parents. Some classes of these new 'schools' were Shadowhunter students only.

It's kind of hard to explain.

Of course, these schools took in young downworlder's, some who didn't know what they were, some that became what they were recently, with the help of the Praetor Lupus, the schools found them and took them in. Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolves, all of them.

These schools have this huge glamour on them, when a mundane (A normal person) sees them, it looks like a run down big school building (These schools are usually near institutes, by the way)

I guess you could say these schools were made to train shadowhunters in demon killing (And if in the off chance, a downworlder goes rogue, to catch them.) And to train downworlders to use their powers as the Clave (A sort of Shadowhunter government) saw what was the proper use of their powers.

Yes, most of the teachers were Shadowhunters.

I'm Aileen Wood, I'm from one of the oldest shadowhunter families from Idris, the Shadowhunter country, I wasn't born there.

And I'm the last one, as far as I know of course, I was sent to an institute at age 10, when both my parents died in the Downworlder rebellion, I didn't use to have a tolerance for downworlders, actually, when I was ten, didn't really understand what that meant. What being a Shadowhunter meant.

I was about to learn, when we turn 14, we are sent to the school nearest to our institute, trained in the use of the Sereph Blade and stele.

I guess... I started to learn there's a lot more to Shadowhunters, Downworlders, and the Clave when I turned 14, getting attacked by a demon, haha, the usual, didn't have a sereph blade on me.

That day didn't seem like my day, but it was also a spark, a turning point in my life.

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