Rye Blackthorn
Orion Octavian Blackthorn
Character Description
Alias Rye
Age 14
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Shadowhunter
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Mother Neridah Blackthorn (deceased)
Father Mark Blackthorn (deceased)
Siblings Lucy Blackthorn

Cas Blackthorn

Ancestor/s Arthur Blackthorn (grandfather)
Occupation Shadowhunter
Allegiance Clave
Residence New York Institute

Early LifeEdit

Born on the 7th of January 2018 to Neridah and Mark Blackthorn; named Orion Octavian Blackthorn. His two older siblings, Lucy and Cas, aged five and three at the time of his birth, soon shortened his name to Rye. Rye was born in the Los Angeles Institute, but he only lived there for two years.

When Rye was two, both of his parents died suddenly in a car crash. All three children were in the car at the time, but, sitting in the back seat, were protected. It was suggested that the Blackthorn children stay with their large extended family in Los Angeles, but the Clave stepped in, citing a new program that had recently been set up for orphaned Shadowhunters, and sending Rye and his siblings to New York, to live in the Institute there.

When Rye and his brother and sister arrived at the Institute, there were already four children living there - six-year-olds Jon and Merry Fray and their two-year-old sister, Nina, as well as four-year-old Nas Lightwood.

A couple of years later, when Rye was four, Jamie Midwinter, a seven-year-old boy, joined the gang.

The year after that, two Penhallow siblings - nine-year-old Topher and six-year-old Illyria.

Finally, during Rye's eighth year, Layla Nightshade, a small child of ten, came to live in the Institute.

Shortly after Rye's fourteenth birthday, Karen Lewis, a werewolf, started recieving threatening letters, and in a bid to protect her family, moved into the Institute to live with the rest of them.

When they were both fourteen, Rye and Nina Fray started growing extremely close, first with a friendship, and then with a physical relationship. They debated defining their relationship but thus far have not.


Rye has tanned skin and dark brown hair and eyes. He is considered very cute, but often finds it frustrating that people assume he is younger than his age. His faerie heritage shows less in his appearance than in his siblings', but his mischevous, always-ready-for-trouble smile and pointed ears remind everyone. Rye is very light-footed, which makes him sneaky, and prefers dark clothes to try and look as much like an older Shadowhunter as possible.


Rye is afraid of nothing. No challenge is too great for him, and not only does he get himself into bucket-loads of trouble, but he has a penchant for getting other people into it with him. Rye barely remembers his parents, and doesn't understand why his brother and sister - particularly his sister - want so badly to return to Los Angeles. Rye thinks of Clary and Jace as his parents as they were the ones who nurtured and raised him. He intends to stay in New York with them for as long as he can - a fact quite strongly influenced by the presence of their daughter, Nina. Rye never shies away from some trick, and practical jokes are his favourite kind.