This is a series by Zaffie. It takes place probably 20 - 25 years in the future of the Mortal Instruments.

In terms of reading, there are two potential orders for the series. The first is the order in which the stories were written, and the second is chronological order, in terms of the time the stories took place. I'd reccommend reading in chronological order, but it's up to you.

First ArcEdit

Lux Altum - Coming Soon

Lux Amissa - Coming Soon

Lux Invenit - Coming Soon

Lux Gravem - Coming Soon

Lux Excaecatio - Coming Soon

Lux Daemonum - Coming Soon

Lux Aeterna - Coming Soon

Special EditionsEdit

Faerie Lights - The lights of the rooftop garden first appeared on Nas' sixteenth birthday, and they shone up there for twenty days, while life went on below. In Progress

Night Lights - The dark is the only thing that can make Nas cry, but when her mother finds a night light and sets it up, it only takes two weeks for tears to dry. Coming Soon

Northern Lights - For twelve days in every year, the Aurora Nephilis shines over Idris, and witnesses the city's secrets. Coming Soon


Lucy Blackthorn

Cas Blackthorn

Rye Blackthorn

Jon Fray

Merry Fray

Nina Fray

Karen Lewis

Nas Lightwood

Jamie Midwinter

Layla Nightshade

Topher Penhallow

Illyria Penhallow

Chronological OrderEdit