The Downworlders' Revenge

The Downworlders' Revenge is a series written by RedPandaPotter, with Special Editions written by Zaffie.


First Arc - DemonsEdit

Demon of Fear - by RedEdit

Angie has been a Shadowhunter all her life - but after witnessing her boyfriend's death, and then getting kidnapped by the very same boy who killed him - things start to get strange. The situation worsens when a faerie knight arrives with the message of abandonment of the Council from the faeries, along with a threat - a threat about a boy made from metal. Who is this boy, and why has he caused all of this fear?

Demon of Hate - by RedEdit

Demon of Love - by RedEdit

Special EditionsEdit

Double Trouble - by Zaffie


Demon of Fear - Demon of Fear Soundtrack


Angie Branwell -- A seventeen-year-old girl living in downtown Seattle. The female protagonist of the series.

Chase Herondale -- An eighteen-year-old boy living in downtown Seattle. The male protagonist of the series.

The Lightwoods and The Fairchilds -- Two families who live in the Seattle Institute. The supporting characters of the series.


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