Stops are where we stop doing things - adding pictures, adding to our stories, and take a few days to edit and delete. If you don't know what stops are - take a look below!

Story StopsEdit

Story Stops are when we stop creating new pages and adding on to our stories. They occur, oh, about once a year, and are a few days long. The point of Story Stops are to edit our stories, to fix all of our spelling and grammar mistakes! Fun, right?

If you are caught adding to your story during a story stop, you will be given a warning, and if you edit again, whatever you added or whatever page you created will be deleted. If you continue to add/create after you've been warned and your edits deleted, you will be banned depending on how long you've been doing it, and how many warning's you have received.

Picture StopsEdit

Picture Stops are when we stop adding pictures. Sounds horrible, right? How are you going to create character, pages, how are you going to find pictures of your characters and upload your series pictures? Don't worry, Picture Stops only last a day, and are mainly just cleaning up some of the excess pictures we have floating around, the ones that are unused.

It also gives us a chance to just read without having everything being constantly edited!