Users can place their stories here for evaluation and constructive criticism. Create a heading with your story's name, and link to the story, and the other users will fill out its rating scale.

Stories will be rated on a scale of one to five, five being very well-written, one being poorly written. The rating will be followed by a short, concise explanation of why the rating was given, and then the reviewer's name in bold at the end of the rating and review.

Please note to judge the story only on its content, not by the length of the chapters, or the time it takes for updates.

The following is an example of the format.


City of BonesEdit

Rating: 5

Review: The story was well-written, and contained no grammatical or spelling errors (due to an editor involved, but that's beside the point). The author, Cassandra Clare, was good at injecting suspense into the story, and the plotline kept me on my seat at all times. Fantastic! --Clary Morgenstern

Rating: 2

Review: The story was okay, but I am very clearly not an evil character. --Valentine Morgenstern