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Little Simon and Clary. -Amon/Noatak 21:45, August 17, 2012 (UTC)

When he first saw the red-headed girl that sat alone on the playground he knew from the way she dressed that she wasn't completely full of cooties. She did have a bright pink bow on her head so that counted for at least ten or fifteen cooties, but the rest of her clothes subtracted a fair amount. She wore blue overalls, a red t-shirt, and fuzzy black socks with white sneakers. She was scowling as she reached up and touched the bow she obviously dreaded, but each time she touched the bow she withdrew her hand like she had been burned. She sighed in defeat and watched the other kids playing tag and drawing figures on the blacktop with chalk.

They were the only two kids not playing anything but for two completely different reasons. She didn't play anything because she didn't have anyone to play with. He didn't play anything because he didn't want to ruin his brand new green lightsaber complete with sound effects that he had brought for show-and-tell.

He decided that it wouldn't hurt to walk up and talk to her. He just couldn't touch her in case she was secretly hosting thousands of cooties.

Simon walked up to her and plastered a wide smile on his face. He wanted to ask her something about Star Wars and almost did but he stopped. This was a girl and girls knew nothing about Star Wars. He would be treading through dangerous waters if he brought that topic up.

She looked up at him as she approached her and he stopped at a healthy distance.

"Hi, I'm Simon." he greeted but instead of responding her gaze moved to the lightsaber in his hands.

"Cool lightsaber." she said and he almost gasped. None of the other cootie-infested creatures knew what he was holding. Maybe he had judged her wrong. He smiled and noticed her eyes were a bright green like his lightsaber.

Maybe this girl wasn't so bad after all.