This page is rated Moderate and is written by HIMG.


Falling is a series written by HIMG. It is rated Moderate due to some gory and scary/disturbing scenes.

As City of Heavenly Fire has not been released yet, this is my outcome of what might've happened after the sixth book. This has nothing to do with The Dark Artifices either


Thirteen years have passed since Harriet's parents died. She has no memories of Clary and Jace Lightwood apart from a box of their belongings and her older brother, Ben. After her mum and dad died, Harriet and Ben was sent on to London to be with Isabelle Lightwood, where she is running the Institute there.

But when she finds herself caught up in her mysterious past and the life of Downworlders, Harriet doesn't know where to look. Shadows seem to lurk in every corner, and what about the secretive boy she has her eye on?


Fire Falls- In progress

Secrets Fall

Shadows Fall

Darkness Falls


Harriet Lightwood

Ben Lightwood

Simon Lewis

Isabelle Lightwood

Louie Jones

Hannah Jones