Eyes is a series by Arti.


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In this universe, Clary and Jace and Valentine and all them don't exist. So...yeah. ENJOY! :D

Oyeah, also, this is my first MI fanfic, so if I get anything wrong....rawr. xD

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Josie Ravenwood is not your ordinary Shadowhunter. For one thing, she has no clue who her real parents are, having arrived on the steps of the Seattle Institute the day she was born. For another, she's blind in her left eye. Even though these things hinder her, she manages to be a fantastic Shadowhunter, along with her parabatai/best friend Felicia Ashwright and Felicia's cute brother Jacob. But when a shape-shifting demon asks for sanctuary in the Institute- running from other demons who hunt him, Josie's world is turned upside-down.

Demon Eyes Edit

Josie, Felicia, Jacob, and Az have run away from the Institute. Josie's new power attracts unwanted attention and the gang has to struggle to keep from being caught. But when a messenger demon tells them the Institute is under attack, they have a terrible choice- keep running and protect Az or go back and save their family.

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Josie Ravenwood

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