Double Trouble is a series by Zaffie, beginning after the birth of Cal and Griffin Lightwood and continuing throughout their lives. Though the series is mainly from the POV of Zaf Lightwood, it takes place in the same AU as The Downworlders' Revenge by Red.


Memoirs - Two months after her niece and nephew were 'born' under highly unusual circumstances, Zaf Lightwood starts writing her memoirs.

Dawn - They say the first seven days of a new relationship are always the best.

Little Miracles - It's been a long wait, but at last the first Lightwood-Herondale child is born. And what a child!


Memoirs and Dawn - The Lightwood family consists of Zaf, Cal and Griffin.

Memoirs and Dawn - Timothy Herondale.

Little Miracles/Characters - The family in Little Miracles.