Dylan Edit

Dylan Lee Huff
Character Description
Alias Dyl
Age 14
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Mother Gretta Huff
Father Marcus Huff
Siblings Noah Huff
Occupation Cashier at Burger King
Allegiance Detroit Werewolf Pack
Residence Novara Street, Detroit
Dylan was born into lycanthropy, having werewolf parents. He met his best friend, Natalie, at the mundane school that he'd begged his parents to attend so he could appear normal. Imagine his surprise when he meets a Shadowhunter girl there, attending school for the same reason he was. They quickly became friends, two outsiders struggling to fit in.

When Dylan turned 13, he talked his parents into letting him move into a small, two bedroom house on Novara with a few other werewolves he'd known for years. Knowing they needed to let Dylan make his own decisions, Mark and Gretta agreed. He fell into the Detroit pack that was stationed near his new home, and joined only a month after moving into the new place with werewolf buddies Ethan and Michael.