Clarity Edit

Claire Anne McKing
Character Description
Alias Clarity
Age 13
Gender Female
Status Alive. (Or, rather undead. Cos she's a vampire. But she's an alive vampire. So she's undead. :D)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Mother Silvie McKing
Father Dave McKing
Siblings Crystal McKing
Allegiance Detroit vampire clan
Residence Scarlet Jewel apartment complex
Clarity is a vampire, still a fledgling as she was Turned almost a year ago. Clarity was about twelve when she was Turned, and is forever frozen at the age. When Clarity was twelve, she had a boyfriend, Jon, whom she hadn't known was a vampire. During a kiss one night, one of them bit Jon's lip. and unknowingly Clarity licked a drop of his blood from her lip - but that was all it took. When Clarity was walking home from a friend's house late one night, she was attacked, by a vampire. When she died, the vampire burried her, and she rose again as a child of the Night. Realizing what she had become, Clarity packed her bags and left her family, moving into a vampire apartment complex to continue her life as an immortal.