Chase Griffin Herondale
Character Description
Alias Chase
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Shadowhunter
Hair Color Dark brown-black
Eye Color Gray-green
Mother Clary Herondale
Father Jace Herondale
Siblings Timothy Herondale
Ancestor/s William Herondale (distant grandfather)
Significant Other Angela Branwell (girlfriend)

Star Lightwood (former girlfriend)

Forrest Fairchild (parabatai)

Occupation Shadowhunter
Allegiance Seattle Institute
Residence Seattle Institute

Chase Griffin HerondaleEdit

Chase Griffin Herondale was born to Clary and Jace Herondale, Shadowhunters, on October 2nd, 2014, in Seattle Washington. Chase has one brother, Timothy, who is four years younger than him. Chase's parents run the Seattle Institute. Chase has been training as a Shadowhunter since he was ten years old, and is cruel and merciless to his enemies.


Early LifeEdit

Chase was born October 2nd, 2014, to two Shadowhunters, Clary and Jace Herondale in Seattle, Washington. When he was four, his mother gave birth to another boy, Timothy. When Chase was ten, he began to train as a Shadowhuner, with his tutor, Eliza Wenter, as his mentor and trainer.


The Downworlders' RevengeEdit

Demon of FearEdit

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Demon of HateEdit

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Demon of LoveEdit

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Angela BranwellEdit

Chase fell in love with Angie the moment he met her, even though he was already dating Star Lightwood. Chase loved Angie more than he had ever loved someone before, a feeling he shared with his father (his father's love being towards Chase's mother). However, despite his apparently cold demeanor, Chase didn't want to hurt Star, so he didn't tell her. And then Star found out about their relationship and Chase decided to drop Angie before realizing that Star didn't want him back. This left Chase in a depression almost as deep as Angie's.

Star LightwoodEdit

Chase had been dating Star since he was fifteen, so two years at the time of Demon of Fear. The two loved each other very much, and Star was very hurt when she walked in on Chase kissing Angie. Though Star maintained a relatively good relationship with Angie, she never truly forgave her for kissing Chase - even if she didn't know about Star at the time.



  • Chase is portrayed by Adam Gregory.